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Warfighter Plate Carrier Cummerbund

Colors: Multicam, Ranger Green, Black, and Coyote Brown
Sizes: Medium, Large, and XL

The Warfighter™ Cummerbund is the most advanced semi-rigid plate carrier cummerbund on the market. It was designed with both Israeli and US Special forces to fix all of the comfort and functionality issues with load bearing cummerbunds.

• Compatible with any plate carrier with hook and loop surfaces including the K-Zero Plate Carrier and the K19 Plate Carrier (2.0 and 3.0 versions) with the Cummerbund MOLLE back flap adapter.

• Most stretch cummerbunds sag under weight when carrying heavy equipment such as radios and side armor. The Warfighter cummerbund is semi-stiffened to support heavy loads, stretches for comfort and maneuverability, but will never sag even under substantial loads.

• Allows you to switch between either velcro flaps, quick release buckles or FirstSpear Tubes® quickly and easily, on both sides, so you can customize your cummerbund EXACTLY how you like it.

• Features a complete three rows of MOLLE, offering maximum mounting options both internally and externally. Despite this, it maintains a lightweight, skeletal design that allows for maximum airflow and keeps you cool under fire.

• The Warfighter cummerbund is compatible with the K-Zero Plate Carrier without needing any accessories or modifications. It’s also compatible with the K19 Plate Carrier just by adding the modular rear MOLLE flap.

• It’s compatible with Agilite Flank™ Hard side armor carriers and all other common side armor, radios, pouches and more.

• Whether you are defending your country at the tip of the spear, defending your community or defending your home the Warfighter cummerbund will give you an edge.

Compatible with FirstSpear Tubes® and other quick-release buckles

M: 22.5×5.5×0.5 inches (57x14x1cm)
L: 25×5.5×0.5 inches (64x14x1cm)
XL:28×5.5×0.5 inches (72x14x1cm)

M: 126gr
L: 140gr
XL: 152gr

• Laser-cut Velcro overlay panels
• Laser-cut Squadron™ laminate
• 500D CORDURA ® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon
• CURV® Thermoplastic Composite material


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